Decoration: The pottery has beautiful painted designs. Paintings are in black pigment on a carefully prepared red ground. The designs are geometric, and of both, plant and animal motifs. Cord impressions are also found on some of the pottery.

Location Characteristics Shapes Found Firing
Alamgirpur, Banawali, Desalpur, Dholavira, Harappa, Kalibangan, Lothal, Mohenjodaro, Nohar, Rangpur, Rakhi Garhi, Rupnagar, Siswal, Sothi, Surkotada

The clay is well levigated and it has sand or lime or both mixed in it. The sand often has a substantial quantity of mica. The pots are generally made on the wheel although handmade specimens are also available.

The dish-on-stand or offering stand, The beaker, The goblet, The basin, The jar cover, The cylindrical jar, The handled cup, The jar stand, The perforated pot, The storage jar, The miniature pots.

Most of the pots are utilitarian in character, and have flat bases, whereas certain types are peculiar in having pointed bases, which require jar-stands. The technique of manufacturing these large pots is not very clear, although it is likely that in some cases the neck of the pot was made separately and the joints obliterated inside and outside in the final trimming.