Decoration:This striking lustrous pottery has two clear groups: monochrome and bichrome, the latter being less frequent. The painted designs are simple and mostly geometric.

Location Characteristics Shapes Found Firing
Bhitta, Taxila, Kausambi, Amravati, Bangarh, Ropar, Hastinapur, Ahicchatra, Noh, Atranjikhera, Rajghat, Rajgir, Sonpur, Chirand, Ujjain.

The clay is fine and well levigated. The pots are fine in section, made on a fast wheel.

The dish with inverted or straight sides, The bowl with straight, convex, corrugated or tapering sides, The lid with flat terminal, The sharply carinated handi,The bottle-necked jar, The knobbed lid, The lid with tapering sides, some with a projection to fit flanged vessels.

High fired.