Decoration:The decorations on the pottery are applied and there are also incised patterns and paintings. The painted designs are geometric, and of plant and animal motifs. These are executed in black, pinkish or, rarely, purple pigment, over a red polished or burnished background.

Location Characteristics Shapes Found Firing
Rang Mahal, Amarpura, Bhagwansab, Rer.

The clay is well levigated, the pots are bright reddish or pinkish in colour and are thrown on the wheel. There are two prominent groups i.e. coarse Red Ware and fine or moulded Red Ware. The moulded types are first thrown on the wheel and later pressed into a mould.

The globular or oval jar, The handi with pronounced rims, The spouted vase of medium size, The sprinkler with or without spouts. The storage jar, The beaker with or without handle, The bowl of different varieties with obliquely cut turned in rim. , The bowl with collared rim, The dish, The small plate, The lamp, The incense-burner, The flask-shaped jar.

Generally well fired, though sherds with a grey core have also been found, indicating incomplete firing.