Decoration:Treated inside and outside with a slip, it is decorated with two or three concentric bands seemingly produced by a roulette. The inner surface is well-burnished. The rouletted designs are geometric and were incised by revolving it on the wheel with a rouletted or toothed instrument, when the clay was wet.

Location Characteristics Shapes Found Firing
Brahmagiri, Chandravalli, Amaravati, Salihundam, Kaveripattinam, Uraiyur, Nattamedu, Sengamedu, Kanchipuram, Sisupalgarh, Tamluk.

The clay is fine and well levigated and the dishes are made on the wheel.

The dish with a curved-in and beaked rim, usually with a faceted edge.

Inverted firing has turned the dishes black inside. They show varied shades of grey, black, yellow or brown on the outside.