Gallery TwentyFive

My love for pottery started way back in 1965, when I first visited Sardar Gurcharan Singh's Delhi Blue Art Pottery. The lovely brick house at Factory Road in New Delhi, with all types of pottery lying everywhere and students learning and practicing quietly in the shade of the Neem trees fascinated me greatly. Though circumstances did not allow me to be a potter myself, my passion for pottery constantly urged me to be attached to it in one way or another. As a hobby, I started collecting studio pottery. Throughout the next thirty or so years I kept in touch with pottery through Sardar Gurcharan Singh and the Delhi Blue Art Pottery, visiting exhibitions organised by them. The pottery as it stood with its beautiful and unique architecture, closed down in 1987. The new building, a block of flats came up in 1991, and the studio was shifted to the basement, where it continues to run. Also in 1991 Sardar Gurcharan Singh founded the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust.

In 1996, I started Gallery Twentyfive, meant exclusively for exhibiting studio pottery. Every year exhibitions were held from October to March. In the same year I was invited to be a trustee of Delhi Blue Pottery Trust. Soon after joining the Trust, I co-ordinated a book called’ Pottery and the Legacy of Sardar Gurcharan Singh’, which was published by the Trust in 1998. The Gallery Twentyfive Shop opened in 2002 to showcase the work of ceramic artist from all over India, it is one of the few outlets dedicated to Ceramics in the country.