Studio pottery is a quiet art. Most potters work in solitary, silent studios, focusing their minds in order to still their hands, which shape the clay, their chosen material. The studio potters of India are the inheritors of a craft that goes back to our earliest history and they work in ways that have not changed very much from those of traditional potters. And yet, there are vital differences. Studio potters have access to more modern tools, for example, and they use glazes which bring an entirely new kind of beauty to the pots they make. Contemporary art potters stretch the boundaries of their art, whether it is in the shapes they employ or the effects they bring to bear on their material. They bring experiences and studies of a wider world to bear upon their gentle art, imbuing it with their strivings to communicate and to create from the simplest of all materials- mother earth. As they explore new possibilities they bring a sensibility to this ancient art, molding it in ways that are both novel and aesthetically exciting.