Uttam Nagar potters colony or prajapati colony as it is also called, was set up in 1970. This colony is located west of New Delhi. It houses a large number of families involved in production of terracotta works. Many families from neighbouring states have also migrated here to continue to work in terracotta. A variety of techniques like coiling, throwing on the wheel, and using wooden beaters are used to produce the artifacts.

The potters make their ware from raw material to the fired finished product, in the small areas of the colony , that they call home. The whole family helps out in this process. With very little input from the Government, the terracotta potters of Uttam Nagar have to depend largely on festivals to sell their products.

A trip to Uttam Nagar is proof of the urbanization it is undergoing. Every year with cost of living going up the potters here are finding it very difficult to make a living from their age old profession. The younger generations want education specially when all around them they see the hustle and bustle of city life, and not the peaceful non demanding life of a simple potter. Harkishan Prajapati and Giriraj Prasad are two of Uttam Nagar’s most prominent potters, both are National Award Winners and have been given the title of Master Craftsman. They live here with their families.

To reach Uttam Nagar it takes 40 to 45 minutes by car, from central Delhi. One can reach faster if there is a metro connection.